1. Does the FPGEE Course e-Manual Success Package covers  the four sections according the revised FPGEE syllabus.


3. How the FPGEE course e-Manual Success Package works?

After purchasing the course. Complete and clear instructions will be emailed to you. Also the instructor in charge will create a study pattern for your benefits as well as provide a live tutorial on Skype.

4. How long will it take to finish the FPGEE Course?

The FPGEE course e-Manual Success Package will take 20 weeks.

The FPGEE quick study will take 2-4 weeks.

5. Can you guarantee me to pass the FPGEE exam once I sign up for this course?

The truth is 100% of the FPGEE previous test takers that signed up for our course passed the FPGEE exam by following the instructions that we have provided. You will be able to pass it if you follow the instructions in this course. We provide study patterns as well.

6. How can I take the FPGEE exam?

For more information regarding registering for FPGEE, please go to www.nabp.net . You can also email or call the FPGEC committee / customer service representative if you have any questions regarding the status of your application.

7. What if I don’t understand some topics from this course. For example, pharmacokinetic calculations and chemical structures?

When you sign up for this course, you need to create a Skype and add: fpgee_lecturer or pharmacy.educator to your Skype. The instructor is online every Monday and Sunday between 6pm and 9pm CST. Discuss your questions with the instructor. The instructor will teach you one on one via live chatting on Skype.

8. I am outside the US right now, how can I talk to the instructor? And how can the instructor discuss all the questions that I want to know and learn?

You can email fpgee_lecturer@yahoo.com or send your questions to Skype (fpgee_lecturer) even the instructor is offline. The instructor will respond to you ASAP.

9. I graduated a long time ago. Will this course help me refresh my knowledge in pharmacy?

YES definitely! 100%  It will tell you specifically what to focus on when studying.

10. When can I start the course?

If you are about to take the FPGEE in one month or in 3 weeks, you can purchase the FPGEE Quick Study notes with 500 practice questions and answers

If you are going to take the FPGEE in 3-6 months, you can sign up anytime for the e-Manual Success Package Course.

If you have taken the course already @ different review centers or studied the entire curriculum and just want to assess your skills and knowledge, you can purchase the FPGEE 750 practice questions and answers.

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